Transform Dull Concrete Into A Seamless Masterpiece

Transform dull concrete floors into stunning,
seamless masterpieces that will last for years.


Our Wicker Technology uses a proprietary epoxy that “wicks” deep into concrete, creating a bond that is 3-TIMES STRONGER than ordinary epoxy. This system gives you a beautiful, easy to apply flooring system that will withstand at least 8lbs of MVE pressure, while others fail at 3lbs.

The advanced technology used in our Wicker Technology allows a typical floor to be installed in 1-2days. Our Polyurea topcoat delivers incredible gloss while providing extreme chemical and abrasion resistance, continuing to shine when others start to fade.



Features and Advantages:

  • Can be installed on concrete floors in one day
  • Low VOC green products
  • Non-yellowing
  • Extremely fast-drying
  • Can be retarded for more pot-life
  • Penetrates deep into porous concrete
  • Abrasion resistant flooring system
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • High-build finish
  • Hot tire resistant

Where Used:

  • Commercial concrete floors
  • Residential concrete floors
  • Anywhere else epoxy flake flooring is needed