DCE Polymer has been providing superior surface protection for decades with our polyurea coating. Our polyurea is a multi-layer, high performance elastomeric protective coating that provides excellent adhesion and flexibility. It’s designed to protect your foundation, deck and other surfaces from water damage while maintaining a strong bond in any weather conditions.

Our polyurea coating is applied fast and efficiently with a roll-on application process, providing consistent coverage and excellent adhesion to any surface. With its superior flexibility, it can move with the surface during expansion, contraction or movement due to temperature changes ensuring long lasting protection. Our polyurea coating also provides UV protection and chemical resistance, making it suitable for any environment.

As experts in all things waterproofing, DCE Polymer can help you protect your home or business from water damage and the additional costs that come with it. Our polyurea coating is the perfect solution for long-lasting, reliable protection against water damage.