Cove Base

Comes in 48″ long pcs with matching 90 degree preformed inside & outside corners for fast installation, beautiful consistency, and unmatched uniformity. When coated with epoxy, it creates the most sanitary and easy to clean floors available! 

Forms a Monolithic, Continuous and Seamless
Containment System within any room

Ideal for use in commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, medical, governmental & military facilities on both new construction and restoration projects anywhere “integral” base is required.

Creates a Seamless Connection between Floors & Walls

Meets & exceeds Environmental Health Department “sanitary base” code requirements for integral, continuous, monolithic cove base. Integral cove base is required anywhere there is “open food or bodily fluids”.

For Utility & Decorative Epoxy Flooring Professionals

Extremely versatile for use with all types of finishes & applications including epoxy quartz & flake, polyurethanes, polyaspartics, polyureas, mma’s, cementitious overlays, build-ups & more