Applications Overview

Depending on what our customers want coated we have several different systems available for our customers needs. Whether its an interior , exterior or damaged floor we can provide you with a application that will last you for years to come. We offer:

  1. Chip Braod casts or Refusal Floors
  2. Urethane broadcasts (solid colors)
  3. Color infused epoxy coatings
  4. Commercial Kitchen coating (non slip)
  5. Metallic Floors
  6. Urethane Cements ( moisture issues)
  7. Water Mitigation ( water damage)
  8. Floor repairs (cracks & spauled areas)
  9. Floor leveling ( dropped concrete areas or heavy damaged concrete)

No matter the issue we got you covered!

DCE POLYMER use only the best Top  coats in the business. We provide Grade A++ Polyaspartic, Polyurea  and Urathanes. Not every job is the same so depending on what your need are we will ensure you with very best industrial strength coating possible.

Our Commercial Grade OVERLAYS:

If our clients need a concrete overlay installed on their concrete, we provide different concrete installs depending on the issue of the substrate. We offer repairs on :

1. Delamination issues:

This is caused by concrete contractors finishing the surface of the concrete before bleed water and bleed air has had the chance to escape. This creates blisters and pitting in your concrete that later break down under traffic.

2. Water Damage:

There are a few reasons why your concrete can be holding or having moisture issues. DCE use all German engineered Water Mitigation Sytems that are self leveling and can be installed up to 3 inches at a time. Our products will repair and restore most water damaged substrates. All of these coating used are industrial strength and commercial Grade to ensure our clients a longevity they deserve. 

3. Floor Leveling:

Some concrete substrates are so damaged that a self leveling concrete needs to be applied. Other times it may be that your concrete needs to be raised or its not pitched correctly from concrete contractors, no matter the issue DCE can fix it immediately with our self leveling overlays , to ensure a beautiful flat surface needed.

4. Interior floors:

Some of our clients need to have a floor put in on the inside of their business or home. No problem!  DCE POLYMER can go over almost any concrete surface no matter what’s under it. Our products can over old glue from rugs and carpets, plywood or tile. Our amazing Hybrid systems, urethane cements or Gypsum can go over and fix any issue your having with your interior floors.

5. Cracks & Spaulded Concrete :

Here at DCE our Hydrolic cements are the best in the business and they are all moisture resistant and dry at 8000 PSI. Our Crack repair system are strong and durable. They last the test of time and are the very best in the industry. 

All of our concrete overlays are the best on the market today. We can repair, fix and flatten out most floors with no problem. Call us today and we will be happy to come out and give your a free in- home consultation. Here at DCE POLYMERS our goal is to fix any concrete substrate so our customers can avoid removing their old existing concrete and have to pour the same kind of concrete down that has issues in our weather environment. Our products do not just make your floor look great but they preserve your concrete for years to come. 

And Remember….