Concrete Coatings



Very low emission, self levelling, cementitious smoothing and levelling compound

For all substrates suitable for laying, also for improvement areas interior. SCHÖNOX ZM is characterized by a very low shrinkage and good self levelling properties.

FPL Plus

Self levelling compound for use from 3 to 60 mm

SCHÖNOX FPL PLUS is a self-levelling screed in layer-thickness of 3 50 mm. With aggregate 60 mm. SCHÖNOX FPL PLUS is noted for very little shrinkage. After adding of 4.5 l water to 25 kg of powder, SCHÖNOX FPL PLUS is ready to use. Interior and exterior.



Self levelling compound for use from 3 to 40 mm

SCHÖNOX US is a cement-based low shrinking self-levelling compound for interior use.

Spalling Concrete & Cracks


Cement based rapid drying, smoothing and finishing compound

Suitable to provide a smooth finish on various substrates in interior areas. SCHÖNOX SL can be installed as a feather finish.