Concrete Floors To Last A Lifetime

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Concrete Floors To Last A Lifetime

Your concrete floor–regardless if it’s in a garage or basement or commercial space–sees plenty of action. Think about how much foot traffic your concrete floors see on a daily basis. Think about the automotive traffic and the ongoing damage caused by moisture, oil, chemicals, and more. Now imagine a floor that can not only withstand daily wear-and-tear but look gorgeous while doing it!

Beautify Your Concrete Floors

When you need a floor that is both functional and beautiful, turning the concrete coating professionals at DCE Polymer.

At DCE Polymer our main goal is to give you a product that lasts. With this goal in mine, we use only the very best in commercial grade, industrial strength materials. Our Polyaspartic 5 layer chip systems are 100% breathable. We add two moisture vapor blocks: one  on the bottom of your concrete and one on the top of your epoxy and chips. This way no moisture can get on or out of your coating. Then we add a chemseal coat over the whole floor to protect your substrate from salt damage and freezing weather. One of the last steps is to roll out your polyaspartic coating with a 30 grit slip resistant addictive.

What does that all mean? It means a wickering system we’re proud to call the very best in concrete coating technology. Our 1-Day Installations blow away the competition because no other coating is as durable or more beautiful than our industrial wickering system. That’s why our LIFETIME GUARANTEE stands high with our product. Other companies try to duplicate but can’t imitate our system.

When we say Lifetime Warranty it’s by our manufacturer and we mean it!

Concrete Floor Rejuvenation

Get the very best price and quality with DCE Polymer and get yourself a floor with the longevity to last for years to come. Call 716-428-0928 for your next project estimate.