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Pool Maintenance 101

Buffalo winters are notoriously cold but our summers can be surprisingly hot, like earlier this month when we hit 92! As the temperatures creeps up and humidity levels rise, nothing sounds better than a dip in the pool. Those fortunate enough to have a pool in their backyard understand the importance of pool maintenance. Chlorine levels must be checked to keep the water sanitary and safe for swimming. The water must be skimmed to remove insects and other debris. The pump must run at least eight to twelve hours a day to keep the water circulating, which prevents algae and bacteria growth. With so many things to remember (vacuum the pool, change the filter, adjust the chemicals) one of the last things on your mind is the pool deck itself.

Is Your Pool Deck Damaged?

As you soak up the sunshine, take a moment to examine your pool deck. Would it WOW your family, friends, and neighbors? Or would it turn them away?

There are four common types of concrete damage that may be affecting the appearance of your pool deck.


Cracks can form even in newly poured concrete. Additionally, they occur when there is excess water in the concrete, when your concrete dries too fast, or when the control joints are missing or improperly installed. Cracks can also form over time as the ground beneath your concrete shifts due to eroding or poorly compacted soil.


Spalling (peeling or flaking) occurs when moisture in the concrete forces its way out, causing the concrete to crumble. In Buffalo, this is often caused by the freeze-thaw cycles of our notoriously snowy winters.


Settlement occurs when the soil beneath your concrete pad erodes, is poorly compacted, or washed away from an underground water leak. This threatens the structural safety of your deck by creating uneven surfaces.


Lifting also creates uneven surfaces and is usually the result of settling. Cracked, uneven concrete is both unattractive and a safety hazard.

Concrete Pool Deck Coatings

Concrete may get stronger over time but it requires maintenance to correct small imperfections and prevent them from becoming costly problems. Rather than risk running into an issue with your concrete next summer, two summers from now, five summers from now, choose a product that gives a lifetime warranty and peace of mind.

DCE Polymer uses only the very best in commercial grade, industrial strength materials. Our concrete pool deck coatings are 100% breathable and 100% solid, making them durable to Buffalo’s extreme weather, and are water resistant and easy to clean, giving you a pool deck that won’t require heavy maintenance in future years.

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