Moisture and Uneven Concrete? DCE Polymer Is Here to Help!

Interior Self-leveling Concrete Overlay w/ 5 Layer Chop Broadcast

Here is a interior self- leveling concrete overlay w/ a 5 layer chip broadcast over the top.

These customer were having severe problems with moisture and their floor were so uneven they couldn’t put a dinning room table on the floor with out it wiggling terribly. They had an existing 10 inch tile down, no need to tear it out.

Here at DCE we diamond grind your substrate then roll our durable bonding agent right over the existing tile. After that we install a self-leveling concrete, (that is moisture resistant) right over the top. There is no shrinkage w/ this product from salt or cold weather.

Here is a perfect brand new floor with out the mess , dust & clean up.

We came, we fixed it and another happy customer!

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