Leon’s Italian Bistro

Leon’s Italian Bistro

Here is another beautiful commercial floor done by us at Leon’s Italian Bistro in Niagara Falls , NY.

Our customer wanted a the floor to look like stone. We installed our beautiful, ” Roll-on Rock coatings. Color: Obsidian Stone.

These pictures really show the different between a standard 1/4 chip and our 1 inch w/ 1/4 flake blended together. These flake are brindle , ( which means they have texture in them), to give the appearance of stone.

Just take a look how beautiful these flakes are folks. These systems are installed differently and give the appearance of Bedrock, Granite & Natural Stone. Not just a standard 1/4 chip.

We are certified installers of this product.

This is the newest technology in chip broadcasts on the market.


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