Why is DCE Polymer better than a regular 1-day installation?

2 Topcoats + Our 5 Layer System = A LIFETIME WARRANTY

Here’s a question: If you painted your home with a better, more durable paint using multiple coats, do you think it would last longer? Of course it will!

At DCE Polymer our goal is to give our customers a long lasting, durable, and beautiful epoxy coating system that lasts a lifetime.

We use commercial-grade, industrial strength materials to give you the best product on the market today. Our industrial strength wicking system is the newest, strongest technology in the concrete coating industry, guaranteed.

1-day installations using regular polyurea and polyaspartics are a thing of the past. These residential coatings do not last under extreme weather conditions and their warranties say it all.

1-day installation companies only use 3 coatings, with no moisture vapor barrier and no chemseal coatings to protect your floor against salt and freezing weather. 1-day installations are not 100% breathable.

DCE Polymer installs 2 top coats on epoxy and chips called a high build system. This system protects your floor against harsh weather conditions and gives you a lifetime warranty that you want in our climate. Not only is our product more durable and elegant, it gives you the longevity you deserve. Our product stands up against tough WNY winters, does not yellow, and is chemical, gas, oil, and rust resistant.

1-day installation companies put chemicals and accelerators into their materials to speed up the drying process and get it done quickly. Don’t be fooled–faster does not mean better.

At DCE Polymer we let our coating wicken deep into your concrete for a full 24-hours to give you the very best, with a true long-lasting chemical bond and a lifetime warranty. We offer a real lifetime manufacturer warranty that no 1-day installation company can offer.

With over 18 years of experience in concrete and epoxy coatings, we have installed residential, commercial, and industrial coatings. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure a carefully crafted chip broadcast floor. We have 6 Certifications in concrete coatings and personally handle all aspects of every job from inspection to installation.